What's it all about? 

Big question, little dude! We could be here a while...

(insert hours/months/years of meditation and discussion here)

And skip to conclusion...IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

And loveliness. And being lovely to ourselves. And being lovely to others.

It's that simple! All you have to do is INHALE and think of the love filling up your heart. Then EXHALE and send the love flowing out to your friends, family, the people in your neighbourhood, city, country and beyond. Do that ten times every morning and see what happens.

Of course, some people need something a little more solid. "It's all very well you sending love," they might say, "but I can't see it when I'm all alone on a train to Bognor Regis. I can't touch it when I'm stuck in a lift at a conference hotel in Basingstoke. I can't seem to find it when it's winter and the library is the only place to get warm." 

And that's where Little Notes of Loveliness come in. Finding a note in an unexpected place - in a pocket, a wallet, in a book - can be just the thing that's needed to remind us that we are all truly wonderful! 

What's the mission?

Our mission is for every single person in the world to receive a Little Note of Loveliness and to know that they are LOVED.

Yes. We know. That's a big mission.

We're going to need your help!

Luckily getting involved is super easy. All you have to do is grab a piece of paper, write a lovely note on it and leave it where someone else will find it. Slip it in the pages of a library book, leave it on a bus seat, pop it on the saucer of your tea cup in the caff...the possibilities are endless (though you'll find more ideas at I wanna play too.)

That is it. Accept mission. GO, GO, GO! Be Brilliant!