You wanna play? Awesome! 

Here's how to get involved:

* Charge up your heart and have fun making your own little notes of loveliness then stick them in surprising places...

e.g. library books, coat pockets, shoes, shopping baskets, between tins of beans on the supermarket shelves, on bus seats, in those little pockets on the back of aeroplane seats, in hats, under tea cups, in fruit bowls, through letterboxes...

* Send us photos of notes that you find or leave! Easy peasy!

Join our Facebook Group and post your pics.

Make them for me!

If you'd prefer, you can request some ready made notes from us. We have the following options available:

  • Packs of 10 handmade notes with lovely messages
  • Packs of 30 printed notes (using images like those at the top of the page)
  • Packs of 30 Stylish Little Notes of Loveliness (printed notes with silver serif type on white background)
  • Daily notes delivered to YOU! We will post a note a day to your address for a whole week!
To find out more about these options and prices for each pack, click connect and fill in your details.

Need some help?

Little Notes of Loveliness workshop

If you want some more guidance on making little notes, you can book a workshop. We'll happily come along and guide you and your team to make gorgeous notes of loveliness to share the love.

A workshop lasts 1-3 hours and can include:

  • A loving heart meditation to prepare
  • Building up the love vibes with love maps 
  • Support with creating your own notes
  • Longer notes of loveliness - love letters from the heart (aw!)
  • Using love letters to overcome fears and soothe stressed souls
  • Safe space to shed tears and reconnect with self love
  • and more!

To book a workshop with a fully qualified Lovely Note Writer, click connect and send us your details and requirements.